Choosy Parents Select Excellence

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Owner/ Founder/ Tutor


I have the honor of providing opportunities

for kids to feel SAFE to learn,

DETERMINED to beat their goals,

and PROUD of their progress.  


Needless to say, I totally love my job!




I have been teaching really since I was 14 with my first work permit as a ski instructor at Blue Mountain for the Ski Wee Program!  But, I have been working with students using the same instructional design principles my Advisor taught me in 1997.  I was fortunate enough to study under many great teachers and leaders in the field.  I have formally studied learning for over  20 years.  My master's thesis looked deeply into outcomes of practicing skills.  

What parents appreciate most about Smart Spot is how I get kids to master skills in a fun, motivating AND efficient manner. Twice at a first class, a mom and dad said we were watching everything you did, because THAT was amazing. 

To me, what is amazing is how doing a few things during instruction with intention can make a kid perform their best and smile true joy out of pride! 

The greatest gift is to see when a student smiles because when they beat a goal they were reminded they ARE SMART!  ...And each time they do that they reshape their path.

Full web-based resume available on LINKEDIN.
Education (Master's +20 credits)

Penn State University- 2005

Degree- Master's of Education  GPA- 3.84

Program- Special Education- 2 year Federal Fellowship Autism Specialist Program, Applied Behavior Analysis

Northern Michigan University- 2000

Degree- Bachelor's of Science GPA- 3.19

Program- Psychology- Applied Behavior Analysis

Whitehall High School- Class of 1995

Degree- Diploma

Program- AP Courses, Varsity Volleyball, Yearbook, Ski Instructor

Certification Programs

West Virgina University- Present

Certificate- Competent Learner Model Certificate 

Program- Psychology- Applied Behavior Analysis

George Washington University- 2010

Certificate- Secondary Transition Certificate GPA- 3.93

Program- Special Education- Secondary Transition